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Ce blog est consacré au conception et développement de logiciels et de bases de données (notamment Microsoft SQL Server et Delphi/Lazarus).

A propos, qu'est-ce que "Arbinada" ? Voir ce lien.

"The Agile development is a cancer" (c)

This evident thought started to reach some people who are able to deliver this simple message to the masses.

Erik Meijer: "Agile is a cancer that we have to eliminate from the industry"

But you should understand that Agile is not the cause of problems in the industry, but only the result of inadequate attempts to resolve them in a blunt manner: applying the technology of material production's assembly (Toyota-like Scrum/Canban) for the whole software development process. However, there are two main problems that gave rise this cancer:

Make error "Fatal: Command arguments too long"

This bug is reproduced on Delphi 7 and C++Builder 6 at least (probably in later versions too) when starting Borland make utility. Indeed, the message "Fatal: Command arguments too long" and the real problem are as like as chalk and cheese.

Check the length of your PATH variable. In my case the length was > 400 characters. Deleting some paths reduced the length down to 300-350 characters and solve the problem.

Ubuntu on BIOS RAID (fake RAID)

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I seem that "fake RAID" term is not really corresponding to actual motherboard design. Indeed, I don't see the differences between Marvell RAID controller implanted into my motherboard and my old Silicon Image PCI SATA 4-port card.

However, Ubuntu 14.04 cannot be installed "by default" in both cases. Follow these step-by-step instructions.

SQL Server and hyperthreading

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I know not much feedbacks about real tests on hyper-threading in OLAP world. Here is a SQL Server hyper-threading from Linchi Shea.

So, using hyper-threading doesn't mean that you will get the advantages always. At least some performance tests are required to ensure this technical choice.

TTable en mode client-server

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Le composant TTable de BDE est assez intelligent pour traduire les appels de FindKey ou Locate vers SQL ou curseur côté serveur. Par contre, les DAC de remplacement BDE ne sont pas toujours.

J'ai fait les tests sur quelques DAC afin d'assurer la compatibilité de ces modes d'utilisation de TTable. Uniquement AnyDAC (FireDAC) est compatible de BDE !

Les autres (UniDAC, ZeosDBO, SQLDirect) font la vraie connerie : ils récupèrent de manière séquentielle les lignes de la table depuis le début et jusqu'à la ligne trouvée (ou à la fin sinon).

En plus, UniDAC les garde dans la mémoire (TUniTable est descendant de TMemDataSet qui implémente ces fonctions).

Même pour les tables de la taille 100K lignes cela prends 5-10 sec environ par rapport de 10-20 millisecondes en BDE/AnyDAC.

Si vous avez des retours positifs sur les autres DAC polyvalents merci de me dire.

Home headless server on Cubieboard and Ubuntu

Here is a small description how to make your own pretty small headless server using Cubieboard A10 microcomputer and Ubuntu operation system.

Important points

My server uses Cubieboard A10, but A20 should works too.

Plug monitor, keyboard, mouse and ethernet cable to Cubieboard.

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